EMS Software Company - V3 Product Compliance Testing Survey

The Survey will be open from Tuesday, March 11 through April 30, 2014.


Greetings from the NEMSIS TAC! 

Dear EMS Software Development Companies,


The NEMSIS TAC and the State and Territory EMS Offices are interested in knowing your plans to complete development of your product(s) to the NEMSIS Version 3 standard.  More importantly we are interested in knowing your timeline for Compliance Testing for your product(s).


This information is vital for State and EMS Agency systems to assist in planning a smooth transition for Version 3.


To facilitate sharing information with the NEMSIS TAC and our interested stakeholders a survey has been developed.  We would like to know the target date or timeline you intend to apply and start Version 3 Compliance Testing.  This “V3 Product Compliance Testing Survey” will serve multiple purposes:


1. The NEMSIS TAC and interested EMS Stakeholders will learn each EMS Software Company plan for Version 3 product compliance testing.


2. We will post general information (questions with a ++) on the NEMSIS website so the State and Territory EMS Offices and other interested EMS stakeholders are aware of your plans.  This should minimize the calls / emails to each of you.



There are five “demographic” questions related to the EMS Software Company and five questions specific to V3 Compliance Testing in this survey.  The survey should only take a few minutes to complete.


If you have questions related to the on-line assessment, please contact Karen Jacobson at 801-585-1631 or via email at Karen.Jacobson@hsc.utah.edu.


*Please note that questions with a red asterisk are required.